If you are experiencing an unresolved conflict, Rich Daugherty offers mediation as a confidential, safe and non-adversarial
approach to resolving this conflict.  Mediation can also be particularly useful when the parties wish to preserve their
business, family or community relationship and move in a positive direction.

Mediation is a meeting in which a neutral person (the mediator) facilitates a constructive conversation between parties in
conflict.  During this meeting, the mediator helps the parties examine each other's interests and needs, generate
alternative solutions and resolve the conflict in a way that is agreeable to each party.  All agreements are voluntary.  Neither
party is required to make any decision or agree to anything unless they want to do so.


  • Insurance Claims
  • Litigated Cases
  • Contract  or Property Disputes
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Homeowner Association Disputes      


Many workplace disputes can be resolved without resorting to court.  Mediation is a productive way to address issues that
arise in the workplace.  In mediation, the parties are able to air their views and to work toward a resolution of their differences.
Issues can be addressed quickly and thoroughly, lessening the amount of time and inconvenience for both parties.

Typical Workplace Mediation Issues:

  • Manager/Employee Disputes
  • Work Group Conflict
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Litigated Employment Cases


Rich Daugherty conducts three types of family mediation:  

Divorce Mediation

This divorce mediation is conducted for those who wish to resolve issues surrounding separation and divorce without the
presence of attorneys to allow for a more flexible and less formal approach.  Mediation as an opportunity to facilitate a
productive conversation between each party in a way that treats each party with respect.  This non-adversarial approach also
provides a more supportive and reassuring environment for children who are concerned about their parents' transition away
from the marital relationship to a co-parenting relationship.  Following the mediation, a summary of the mediation is drafted.  
Then, each party is encouraged to seek the counsel of an attorney to execute a formal separation agreement and to ensure
their legal interests are addressed .  

Elder Care Mediation

Mediation of issues surrounding an elderly parent is not a sign that a family is unable to deal with its own problems
effectively.  It is a reflection of a healthy family that desires to address challenges in a proactive way.  Any family can
experience significant stress when addressing issues about the later phases of one's life.  Elder care mediation is helpful to
those who would like the support of a trained and experienced individual who can help  them navigate through some difficult
issues while preserving their family relationships and the elder parent's sense of dignity.

Typical Elder Care Mediation Issues:

  • Medical or Financial Decisions
  • End of Life Decisions
  • Care-Giver Issues & Living Arrangements
  • Clarifying Roles & Responsibilities to Reduce Strain on Family Relationships
  • Decisions about Guardianship, Power of Attorney or Health Care Representative
  • Disagreements Regarding Wills and Estates

Family Business Mediation

Family business mediation offers an effective and confidential way to resolve the issues that arise in the normal operation of
a family business, while lessening the likelihood of future tension and its associated costs.  This mediation addresses the
challenges of a family business in a way that helps to preserve its most important relationships.

Typical Family Business Mediation Issues:

  • Conflicts Between Owners, Partners, Shareholders, Officers/Executives
  • Life Changing Circumstances
  • Contract Disputes
  • Role Clarification
  • Conflicts with Customers or Vendors
  • Property or Financial Disputes
  • Business Opening/Closing, Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures


  • Certified North Carolina Superior Court Mediator
  • Qualified Mediator for the United States Equal Opportunity Commission
  • Certified Mediator, Adult Guardianship, Family Caregiving & Estates
  • North Carolina Association of Professional Family Mediators
North Carolina & Virginia
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